Well eventually I have to get around to reviewing creepy number three.  Specifically, dark horse’s new, creepy number three where the cover page is Hitler dressed up like a girl.  There appears to be a dead German Shepard laying on the floor and a bunch of strangely embarrassed looking Gestapo agents simultaneously hieling and acting like assholes.

for stories the exchange are one of which unspeakable evil takes unrecognizable form.  Spoiler alert!  This is a story where they fart-around for like a hundred pages before they get to Hitler disguise himself as a woman escaped.

The second story of his piece of shit is pelted.  The stories have no depth, but nice art and really should do for the kind of thing that I would expect to see and hear.  And I wish that they would do a better job with, but they didn’t.  It sucks ass, but there a few panels here and there that are very good.

The curse, what can I say?  This is the third and final chapter of a story that made the first magazines suck so badly.  They felt they needed to drag it out through two others.  Piece of Shit.

Maquilladora. is almost classic creepy.  It’s not awesome, but a lot of the original creepy was not awesome but was what it was supposed to be.  And this was what it was supposed to be good story well, lame story of good art nice concept works well with with the theme of the issue, which is just creepy.  She.

Loathsome lore is the second last one, of course.  And as always is not a story, this one isn’t even very good is just rambles on about werewolves all but and then finally they end with “a creepy classic.”.  Which means we didn’t bother forking out the money to get a new story for you.  Instead, look at this whole piece to Shit we dug up from the old magazines that nobody ever really cared if they saw again.  And in this case, once again, as in issue one.  They ended with a fucking science-fiction story and not horror.

My original admonition that these people suck cock still stands.  More and more day by day, I ask myself why I ever thought dark horse was good (by the way, one of the demons at the end of pelted looks eerily similar to the Don Post mask known as fang face.  It happened to be one of the top five selling masks of all time.  I like to be educational as well as hostile.

Anyway the reason that a man like dark horse was… Harlan Ellison’s Dream Corridor.  To this day still an awesome Freakin’ set of books.  First of all.  It’s written by Harlan Ellison, that’ all it really needs to make it awesome.  Then add to that the fact that it’s all illustrated in comic format, and each story is done in different styles by different illustrators.  And in the classic Ellis and tradition, he has introductions to take up almost half the book.

If you go buy that through this link, it helps support this blog and doesn’t cost you one cent extra.  You also get my undying gratitude.With that I go to bed.  Thank you all for reading and/or listening.

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