As most of you know if you read this blog The Walking Dead has been a monthly black-and-white comic book series which was published by image comics starting 2003.

The artist on the book was Tony Moore originally, and later on became Charlie Adler. The writer was of course Robert Kirkman. The story revolves around a group of survivors struggling in a world full of zombies. I personally like the beginning of it because they used an interesting plot device to  completely skip over how all the zombies came about. The main character awoke from a coma, and there they were.

The comic ran for years and recently started being reprinted and compiled and you can get all of the compilations here (and at a decent discount too).

I certainly recommend all of them.

But I’m not talking about the comics today; I’m talking about the television series. Turns out AMC decided to haul off and create a series based on this comic. With a combination of snazzy production values and lovely CG work the show is really quite remarkable considering how crappily things in this genre used to be produced.

Now that the series has been on while DVD sets are available and you can get them here.The Walking Dead: Season One

Sorry this particular post isn’t excruciatingly funny.

“They can’t all be gems” – Groucho Marx
Enjoy this trailer from season one…

Sometimes I feel compelled to just convey information too. Hope you liked it and don’t be afraid to leave a comment.

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