I recently decided to overhaul the site and make it a bit less vulnerable to hack attacks. I also wanted to create new sections for pin ups, art and horror stories.

As I began this task things seemed to be going well. Then something happened.

At first I didn’t think it was possible, then as the realization hit me, I my head filled with pressure. My guts wrenched as I strained to hold back the vomit. I tried desperately to save the posts. The Posts!! But alas they were gone. Every fucking one of them. Instantly, One second they were here than next, gone. As though they never were.

I had no back ups. So I am trying to recreate everything form the wayback machine.

I have been without sleep for several days now and I shot a quick video where I tried to explain this, but I was so overcome by the horror of it all that it came out like this…

Till next time, always back up everything, and be nice to each other.

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