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Many years ago I wrote about “The Walking Dead” On this very blog.

I had a lovely image from the cover of the first comic, and all this was before the thing was turned into a television show.

When the TV show started I had hopes for it. I dutifully sat through the first episode, and then went on to never watch it again. Ever.

It has now been on for hundreds of years (or so), and my daughter still watches it. (I had done a second article when I heard it was coming to TV, and then a third after the premier.

So, I was very enthusiastic about it. But I could not get into the show. Just could not. I’m not sure why. Because the comics are great.

So here is another piece about “The Walking Dead”. I have shown comic art, and cover art, and even a trailer for the show in articles past. But I have never shown this…

And this is good!

Here’s is the original animation officially done as a promo for the series, but made using the actual comic book art.

If you enjoy it, or have anything to say about it, please leave comments. I love comments.

That’s all for now kiddies.

PS- if you want to get the original books, they have been compiled and are here.The Walking Dead: Compendium One

PPS-You may recognize one of the voices as that of Phil LaMarr. Kind of a big deal for Futurama fans.