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It took some cajoling on my mother’s part to finally motivate me sufficiently to read this book. I read Stephen King shorts in the past and several of the Bachman books. I didn’t think highly nor poorly of them. They just hadn’t really interested me very much. Until this one. Holy crap. This is absolutely the best Stephen King novel that has never been made into a movie.duma key book cover

It started off innocuously, with a man who had just started recovering from a horrible industrial accident that nearly killed him and left him missing an arm. For the first few chapters you’re learning about the disintegration of his family, how people feel about him. You’re also finding about the new place were he will to try to get his life back together.

Although an accurate way to say that since his old life is over is, he’s going to a place where he can figure out what his new life is. He had been a successful real estate developer, until the accident which nearly killed him, damaged part of his brain, and caused him to lose a limb, occurred on the job.

However in Duma Key, one of the Florida Keys, he finds an atmosphere that helps him to rejuvenate. It inspires him to awaken an artistic potential that he never fully explored before. The people who see his work are astounded by its power and beauty.

From here on it starts getting weird. And I mean that in the best way possible. This story has enough horror elements to please even the most jaded of fans. That the bulk of the environment and circumstances seemed to be mundane, makes the unnatural elements that much more powerful.

Stephen is a brilliant writer, and one of the ways this manifests is in the strange structure of this story. Sometimes it seems as though there are other stories being told that have nothing to do with the one you’re reading, but I swear to you that they do. Nothing and I mean nothing is wasted in this book. If it’s in their no matter how small a detail it all comes together in the end.

I consider this to be an absolute masterpiece. I have mixed feelings about a movie being made from it. First I think it would lend itself to a really good film. The problem is with the blockbuster mentality in Hollywood these days it’s very unlikely that anyone would have the balls to actually make this into a really good film, that is, as written.

Imagine seven hundred solid pages with no filler, and no fluff. Duma Key, if nothing else is worth far beyond the cover price.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to wait for the film. The book is available from Amazon in a number of formats.

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