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I have always been a fan of horror. (obviously)

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This is not the Shining!

This is the reason that I started this site, so very very long ago.

Many moons ago, there where tons of posts on here. Before the dark times… before Twilight.

Somewhere, somehow, seemingly all of horror got sucked into pop-culture-teen-bullshit crap that sucks ass and has nothing actually horrific. It’s all sexy vampires, angst-filled werewolves, or zombie apocalypses. Or any combination thereof. And even in the zombie shit, the zombies are so boring that the plots center around people just being fucking assholes and conspiring to out-fuck one another.

Consequently it’s been a very long time since I have written any posts to this blog, because I don’t see much value in simply kvetching about how shitty things are, if I don’t have something better to recommend.

The horror-drought went on for so long that I started to think, not only, that there was no end in sight, but that none would ever come.

Then I realized that the problem was not with the horror creators, nor the fans, nor the genre, but that the problem was the cult of commercialism and mass production, in which the United States is currently languishing.

There is fantastic horror being written, drawn, produced, and distributed right now! Almost everywhere in the world, except here.

So, if you wish to see truly good horror, you will need to look outside the U. S. and/or into the past. (Ok, some is being made here, but it’s not getting massive distribution, which still leads to my next conclusion…)

It is difficult to find the good stuff, which is why I am committing myself, to finding it for you and talking about it here on this blog.

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